Intricate Drawing

Our mind is capable of containing endless ideas and experiences throughout our lives. We go on countless journeys within our minds, such as when we travel to different countries, read books, reflect alone and listen to music. There is a unique world being created in everyone’s heads.

My intricate drawings are my visual documentation of my mind’s inner workings. It is my a way of bringing out and containing my thoughts and imagination, from the micro to the macro, flowing out of my mind and onto the sketch paper in front of me. In may ways, this process produces a cognitive self portrait.

There is a diverse range of approaches to how I process these drawings. I enjoy working and taking inspiration from different locations and on alternate modes of transportation, such as trains and airlines.  Some of my work has visually evolved from one country to the next. Music has also influenced my drawings, the same way as a soundtrack works for films only in this scenario my mind is the movie being viewed.

An important aim of my intricate artworks, particularly my current series, is to celebrate our untapped minds – to show that all of us have an incredible imagination that desires to break free.


Anatomy of the Ants

Finding the Mind in Paradise


The Construction of One Mind

The Evolving Mind

The Metamorphisis

Intricate Miniature Drawing Series

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